Ami Rushes’ life mission has been to reach God’s people and offer hope, inspiration and support through her music ministry, books and humanitarian endeavors. 

As with all her musical efforts– Covering, Lifting, Refreshed and Testify Rushes continues her mission, on her fifth effort, STAND UP FOR JESUS, to bless, uplift and lead people to
the Lord.

“I pray that someone who doesn’t know the Lord will listen to this new music and hear something or feel something that will cause them to say, ‘I want what I’m hearing,’ and come to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

With STAND UP FOR JESUS Rushes decided it was time for something fresh.  Something original.  This would be the birth of the spot-on signature sound of Ami Rushes that will pleasantly surprise listeners, and fans alike.

Ten exceptional songs skillfully written coupled with the dynamic combination of Kurt Carr’s production, and Ami Rushes’ delivery, produced a well-rounded timeless sound.

“We received hundreds of submissions for this record so needless to say picking the right songs was indeed a challenge because there were so many good ones that were sent,” say Rushes.  “We picked a list of seventeen songs and then narrowed it down to ten. I am so grateful for every songwriter that submitted their music to me.”

The first single off the project, written by Percy Gray, is an energized song backed by a powerful choir giving God the praise. Ami opens the song with a rhetorical question, “Who is the King of Glory?” answered immediately with, “The Lord Strong and Mighty,” and with lyrics simply saying, “King of Glory/Lord We Praise You/King of Glory/Lord You’re Worthy/We Give you the praise the glory and honor/You’re Worthy, the song is sure to encourage listeners to praise God.

Standout-songs like Walk In The Light, dedicated to Ms. Robbie from the reality show “Sweetie Pies” on Oprah’s OWN Network. Worthy, Worthy, Stand Up For Jesus, It’s Alright, It’s Okay, God Did It, Got A Feeling and King Of Glory fulfill...